To guarantee the bankability and technical, economic and financial risks monitoring, CONTECO offers specialist assistance through the development of Technical, Urban, Environmental, Administrative and Legal Due Diligence; the review of technical and economic assumptions included in the Financial Economic Plan – PEF (analysis of the Model and verification of basic recruitment, benchmarks and evaluation criteria, analysis of the main Model Ratios) through specific software that can develop and verify the Economic Plan and Business Plan by providing a prior analysis of the financial feasibility of the project and defining the most suitable ways of finding the necessary funds with the aim of thus facilitates the "bankability"
The activity of CONTECO develops in the monitoring (Project Monitoring) of the progress of all the phases of design, authorization and implementation, verifying: the correct progress of the activities, the organizational structure of the Contractor in relation to the operational needs, compliance with the objectives of time, cost and expected quality, the analysis of deviations, if any, between what is reported in the approved construction plan and time schedule of construction works, with evaluation of the possibilities of time schedule recovery. Finally, in order to normalize technical risks in the construction and implementation phase, CONTECO can guarantee a certified and assured quality of the works carried out through the activity of Technical Control for the release of Insurances, CAR, Decennial Liability Inherent Defects Insurance and ALOP (art. 103 D.Lgs. 50/2016, Law 210/04 and D.Lgs. 122/05).
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Value and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Business Plan Verification (Financial Economic Model, W.A.C.C., PEF, ...)
  • Support in the definition of real estate enhancement strategies
  • Concept, preliminary and detailed design verification
  • Project Monitoring
  • LEED, BREAM and acoustic certification
  • Energy saving analysis and monitoring
  • Works supervision
  • Safety supervision
  • General Constructor quality plan verification
  • Work Progress Status monitoring
  • Technical control
  • Technical and administrative testing supervision
  • Structures and Plans testing supervision
  • Management and maintenance contract compliance verification
  • Maintenance plans and multi-year action plans verification
  • High Surveillance
  • Technical-legal support during the tender documentation preparation
  • Technical-legal support in tendering adjudication phase: offers evaluation, anomalous offers verification, negotiation and contracting
  • Technical and legal support in case of Variations and Claims
  • Technical-legal support during all the design and construction phases
  • BIM design verification – Model Checking
  • Development support for BIM Guide, BEP, EIR, etc
  • BIM Service Contract Review and Verification
  • 4D Project Schedule Simulation
  • BIM Project Monitoring
  • BIM Project Delivery and Verification
  • BIM Project Training and Education
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