Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque bears the name of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan II, President of the United Arab Emirates and Governor of Abu Dhabi. The structure has 4 minarets of 110 meters in height, 138 domes of which the largest is 34 meters in diameter and 75 m in height, 1,400 steel columns covered in various types of marble, 142 pinnacles, one of which in crystal, as well as to 2,000 chandeliers and 70 monumental doors carved, sculpted and decorated. The total area of the mosque is 84,000 m², including the central body, the prayer courtyard, the arcades, the areas for ablutions, the external stairways and the technological centers and can accommodate 7,000 faithful in the main covered prayer area (Main Haram), and 20,000 faithful in total in the covered spaces and in the central courtyard. The worship area is 52,000 m².
  • Design Verification, Quality Control
  • 1999 - 2000
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Cultural

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