Public Clients Authorities

As a Type A Inspection Body accredited according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17020 and in accordance with UNI 10721 and 10722/1/2/3 technical standards, CONTECO offers a wide range of integrated engineering services that can support the Employer and the RUP (Responsabile Unico del Procedimento) in the planning and management of all the processes that characterizes the realization of a public work. The objectives that can be achieved are many, ranging from the correct project schedule and planning of the intervention (verification of the "public utility" according to artt. 12 and following D.P.R. No. 237/2001 and/or "public interest" of which Article 183 D.Lgs. 50/2016, verifies alternative design solutions through Value Analysis and/or Cost Analysis, verification of the Financial Economic Plan – PEF).
CONTECO also guarantees the correct development of the design (preliminary design verification according to Article 26 D.Lgs. 50/2016 of the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project, the Definitive and Detail Design), the optimal performance of the tender procedure of the Economic Operator to which the work will be entrusted (identification of the method of trust and selection criteria, preparation of Tender documentation, technical, administrative and contractual support). Finally, CONTECO's ongoing monitoring services are a set of activities to support the RUP with the aim of monitoring as an independent third party to ensure that quality goals are met, time and cost implementation are assured (High Supervision of which Articles 101 and 194 of D.Lgs. 50/2016).
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Value and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Business Plan Verification (Financial Economic Model, W.A.C.C., PEF, ...)
  • Concept, preliminary and detailed design verification
  • Project Monitoring
  • Works supervision
  • Safety supervision
  • General Constructor quality plan verification
  • Work Progress Status monitoring
  • Technical control
  • Technical and administrative testing supervision
  • Structures and Plans testing supervision
  • Management and maintenance contract compliance verification
  • Construction Management
  • High Surveillance
  • Technical-legal support during the tender documentation preparation
  • Technical-legal support in tendering adjudication phase: offers evaluation, anomalous offers verification, negotiation and contracting
  • Technical and legal support in case of Variations and Claims
  • Technical-legal support during all the design and construction phases
  • BIM design verification – Model Checking
  • Development support for BIM Guide, BEP, EIR, etc
  • BIM Service Contract Review and Verification
  • 4D Project Schedule Simulation
  • BIM Project Monitoring
  • BIM Project Delivery and Verification
  • BIM Project Training and Education