San Giorgio Bridge

The new bridge will consist of a steel deck, with a continuous girder of a total length of 1067 meters consisting of 19 spans divided as follows: 14 spans in steel-concrete of 50 meters, 3 spans in steel-concrete of 100 meters, one 40.9-meter steel-concrete span approaching the East shoulder to avoid interference with the piers of the old Morandi Bridge, 1 steel-concrete span 26.27 meters approaching the East shoulder to avoid interference with the old piers Morandi bridge. Structurally connected to this deck is a steel-concrete ramp with a total length of approximately 110 meters with three spans. The project includes 18 reinforced concrete piles of elliptical section with a constant shape. The piles are made with the aid of rampant formworks with construction joints at a 4.5 meter pitch. The edge of the bridge is characterized by a windproof protective barrier that integrates a photovoltaic energy supply system.

  • Extraordinary Commissioner for the reconstruction of the Polcevera Viaduct
  • Design Verification
  • 2019
  • Genoa, Italy
  • Infrastructure

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