Port of Molfetta

Following a series of safety issues encountered by the Port Authority of Molfetta, such as: a) presence of military devices; b) presence of caissons on the bottom in the area of the new commercial port; c) erosion of the head of the new breakwater pier, with consequent lack of compliant port entrance lights; d) wave motion within the port basin that causes danger for mooring units; e) silting of the seabed near the docks. A series of investigations were carried out relating to the state of conservation of the caissons, bathymetric surveys of the seabed, topo-bathymetric surveys of the second arm of the breakwater and investigations on the presence of war remnants. These studies made it possible to identify priority works to be carried out: 1) Extension of the second arm of the outer breakwater; 2) North-West Quay and Martello Quay. As regards the extension of the pier, it was considered necessary to create a straight jetted breakwater, 670 m long. For the works relating to the two quays, on the other hand, the scenario was more complex and it was considered appropriate to carry out dredging of the backfill box, excavation of the seabed, completion of the foundation pit of the North-West quays, of the Martello quay and completion of the filling of the caissons cells already in place, construction of the anti-raid reef inside the North West Quay, with restoration of damaged caissons and installation of 14 new cellular caissons.

  • Municipality of Molfetta
  • Design Verification
  • 2017-2018
  • Molfetta, Italy
  • Infrastructure
    Environment, Industrial, Plants

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