EXPO 2015

The Expo project, with an exhibition area of ​​1.1 million square meters, was designed by a committee of world-renowned architects: Stefano Boeri, Ricky Burdett, Jacques Herzog, William Mc Donough, Joan Busquets. The masterplan involved more than 140 countries and international organizations; significant space was given to greenery and water, in accordance with the theme of the event: "Feeding the planet, energy for life". The project involved the construction of over 30 buildings including service areas, two walkways, exhibition areas, pavilions and a whole series of additional works aimed at enhancing the connections between the city of Milan and the EXPO site. All individual projects were addressed to low environmental impact criteria, following restrictive guidelines for the definition of sustainable solutions through the life cycle of the works, which included a careful study of environmental analyzes. The interventions relating to the EXPO site concerned a multiplicity of projects that ranged from the electrical, water and sewage systems of the entire large plate and the buildings for the facilities (restaurants, services, info points, etc.) to the tensile structures covering the central course, up to the large stretches of water and the green works that characterize the entire intervention.
  • EXPO2015 Spa
  • Design Verification
  • 2011 - 2014
  • Milan
  • Infrastructure
    Environment, Industrial, Plants

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